Data missing

I am fetching data using below mentioned code and the data received is completely fine. The only issue is, every hour, 59th minute candle's OHLC is missing - 9:59, 10:59, 11:59, 12:59, 1:59 and 2:59. Can't find a reason for the same. Please help.

data = objKite.GetHistoricalData(token.ToString(), DateTime.Now.Date.AddHours(9).AddMinutes(15).AddDays(-3), DateTime.Now, "minute", false, false);

DateTime.Now.Date.AddHours(9).AddMinutes(15) ==>from==> Means data start from 3 day back from 9:15 am

DateTime.Now ==>to==> Means current time
  • vivekmanot
    This only happens with today's live data which is fetched at every minute closing. Data since yesterday are fine and no candle is missing.

    This is happening daily. Please guide.
    @sujith @rakeshr
  • rakeshr
    It looks are you are fetching the respective candle data before candle completion. You can go through this thread to understand possible scenario.
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