Too many request error

Sir, i know a lot of discussion has been done on this type of error. i do algorithmic trading and needed a clarification, whether this error arises if we generate separate request token for every stock ? also clarify, can this error can be removed if we generate single request token and run multiple stocks under it.
  • syedasif11
    Request token is generated only once to obtain access token. You can save access token in your db and continue using this access token for all further requests till it expires. For too many requests error - refer to this link-
  • anupama
    anupama edited January 10
    Thank you Sir, However is there a way we can run more than 3 Instruments?

    I want to run 10-15 instruments every day, but as per, we are imposed a limit of 3 instruments per sec

    This is because for all my requests will always go at same time - at every xx.15.01 for hourly candle, at xx.15.01 & xx.45.01 for 30-min candle..

    I need to find a way to run 10-15 instruments without getting this error.
  • sujith
    For live market strategies, we recommend you to generate candles at your end using the live market data provided via Websockets API.
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