Why BSE & MCX instruments are showing error?

We are not able to trade BSE and some of the NFO & MCX instruments from our executing web page.

Initially, we were only dealing with NSE stocks with its Symbols but now we are also expanding our Spreadsheet features to BSE, NFO & MCX but every time we execute the order, it shows up some kind of error:

"error_type": "InvalidDataError",
"message": "No valid order entries found in the JSON payload",
"status": "error"

All the entries - as per our attention were perfect.

For example:

If was use this link of NSE - http://transact.sowmayjain.com/?code=TCS&qty=100&xchng=NSE - everything works great.

But when if we use this link of BSE - http://transact.sowmayjain.com/code=532540&qty=100&xchng=BSE - above error shows up.

It also didn't work in MCX and sometimes in NFO. What may be the possible problem?

Also, where can I get all the symbols (with exchange) valid in Zerodha? Excel file would be a great option.
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