Is there an API available to get the Historical order book data?

I'm using Node.js kiteconnect library and I'm able to fetch the Historical data for given instruments. I was wondering if I can also fetch the Historical order book data. I tried looking at the docs but couldn't find it. Can anyone help with that :smile:
  • rakeshr
    I was wondering if I can also fetch the Historical order book data
    You can only get today's order book data, not historical order book data.
  • pavanvora
    pavanvora edited February 2021
    Oh okay :( so there no way that I can fetch the order book data with API.

    I believe I can take your answer guaranteed and should not do any more research to find out if historical data for order book is available or not? And also do you have any idea if this data will be available in the future or not.

    Anyways thank you very much for your reply @rakeshr.
  • sujith
    Kite Connect offers only trading platform capabilities as of now. We do have plans to include back-office capabilities in Kite Connect. But it is a future roadmap so, we can't give any timeline about it.
    The feasible solution currently is to store order details at your end.
  • pavanvora
    Okay, I see. Thank you @sujith. Appreciate your reply.

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