Is there any change in the rate limit for historical data API?

I've seen a couple of posts on this forum mentioning that the rate limit for historical data API is 3 requests/second. But when I try running more than 3 requests parallelly it isn't giving any error.

Here's the sample code to get an idea of what I'm doing

function (callback) {
).then((res) => callback(null, res));
...repeat more then 3 times
function (err, results) {
if (err) console.error(err);
else console.log(results);

Any idea why this is executing successfully without any error?
  • pavanvora
    @sujith Can you please guide me if I'm missing something? I hope you are the right person to discuss this.
  • sujith
    We will check and get back to you.
  • sujith
    Currently, it is rate limited to 10 requests per second, but we will change it back to 3 requests per second.
  • pavanvora
    Hi @sujith, Hi @rakeshr,

    Sorry, I know this is not the right place to ask for help but I had added a new question yesterday and after an edit, it got removed with a message saying that it will only list after getting verified. If you can make it available to the forum it will greatly help me and if not possible please let me know.

    I know I can again create a new discussion but it was a bit big question with detailed info.
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