Is there any change in the rate limit for historical data API?

I've seen a couple of posts on this forum mentioning that the rate limit for historical data API is 3 requests/second. But when I try running more than 3 requests parallelly it isn't giving any error.

Here's the sample code to get an idea of what I'm doing

function (callback) {
).then((res) => callback(null, res));
...repeat more then 3 times
function (err, results) {
if (err) console.error(err);
else console.log(results);

Any idea why this is executing successfully without any error?
  • pavanvora
    @sujith Can you please guide me if I'm missing something? I hope you are the right person to discuss this.
  • sujith
    We will check and get back to you.
  • sujith
    Currently, it is rate limited to 10 requests per second, but we will change it back to 3 requests per second.
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