Finding the list of stocks not allowed for intraday

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Is there a way we can pull out the list of such stocks that Zerodha platform does not allow to trade intraday.

  • sujith
    You can check out the utilities section here.
  • D11458
    @sujith - Thanks for this link, it seems there are 2 sources..

    List of illiquid scrips - This list has the stocks that I cant find in Zerodha.
    Consolidated list of scrips blocked/allowed by RMS - Under this the sheet has multiple tabs, which one to use not sure.

    Basically, I have a list of stocks and am trying to filter out all the stocks that are blocked for MIS trading under Zerodha platform.
  • sujith
    You need to refer to both files.
  • D11458
    Ok, it is a bit all over to look through all tabs in both sheets and one tab has heading of stocks blocked for MIS trading but it has all tradable stocks list, so a bit scattered sheets. Can I make a suggestion not sure if this is right forum, to simply put a single sheet and populate entire list of stocks that are NOT ALLOWED intraday trading for the day/next day etc. So one can just drop those tokens for smooth functioning of the program.
  • RED

    There's a workaround to your problem. temporary fix.

    Run your program with all the instruments available, and if your program signals a BUY/SELL to any instrument, execute it and you will get an error message -> "This script is not allowed for intraday", then exclude it from your program and drop it from your instruments.
  • D11458
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    @rakeshr @sujith
    Adding to above one, today as per my program a trade got executed (RKFORGE) I kept it CNC on purpose, now I can not sell it today as it says it is an illiquid security. This script is not in the utility link given in above reply.
    How to identify all these stocks and so that I can exclude them from my program to let it function smoothly.
  • Rajeshvempalli
    Any idea like how frequently this sheet is updated. It is updated on daily basis or any timeline?
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