How to specify stop loss while placing Cover Order?

I went through the HTTP API documentation here and also the JavaScript client documentation here

I didn't find any option to specify a stop loss while placing a Cover Order. The pages say the `stoploss` parameter is only for Bracket Orders.

Could somebody please help me with this? Thanks in advance!
  • rakeshr
    You will have to use trigger_price for CO. Check all CO params here.
  • davidheisnam
    Oh thanks. I thought `trigger_price` would be for the first leg of the order. The parameter name is a bit confusing. In my opinion, `stop_loss` would be better. But anyway, thanks again!
  • sujith
    A cover order has entry type of MARKET and LIMIT only. Trigger price doesn't come into play in that case.
  • davidheisnam
    Thanks Sujith. I understand now.
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