Limit on number of modifications to Stop Loss order (BANKNIFTY Options)

I'm unable to trail my stop loss after 25 modifications. I think this is a new limit that has been placed today. Even if I try to modify the order manually, it says modification limit reached (or similar).
This is not reasonable, as whats the point in using APIs then?
How do we trail the stop loss for Bank Nifty Options?
Kindly clarify as to why this limit has been placed.
  • sujith
    Due to the increased volatility, we have capped the maximum number of modification requests that can be sent per order. A maximum of 25 modification requests can be sent per order.

    This change was done in the month of March 2020. You will have to cancel the order and place it again if you hit the limit.
  • Sandeep_Prakash
    Oh ok. Perhaps until today I hadn't hit this limit. BTW any plans to change it? I mean say something like 25 modifications per minute or similar?
  • Sandeep_Prakash
    Also, is there any particular error code to represent this, when the modify order fails?
  • sujith
    I don't think we will relax the restrictions. The API rate limits are different. It is already in place. You can check API rate limits on FAQs.

    You will receive 429 status code with exception like this {"status":"error","message":"Maximum allowed order modifications exceeded.","data":null,"error_type":"NetworkException"}
  • Sandeep_Prakash
    Thank you Sujith
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