Generating candle using ticker data

Hi, I am using ticker data to create candle at runtime. But the problem is that i have to use full mode, which downloads all 184 bytes of data for a single token(to get only TickTimestamp, LTP and InstrumentToken). This is my request please provide such a way where we can get InstrumentToken, TickTimestamp and LTP with small dataset.
Beside if you don't consider the candle don't you think it is more relevant to provide TickTimestamp with LTP in LTP mode.
I think lots of user will have the same issue.
Please suggest @rakeshr @sujith
  • sujith
    We had thought about it. With the current setup, it is not possible to add timestamp to LTP or Quote mode.
    There are a lot of production apps that are using this. All those also need to be updated.
    The solution we had thought of was providing a request-based response format wherein the only requested fields will be served to you back. We will do this in future versions of Kite Ticker.
  • sourav359
    Thanks you for your prompt response and glad to know about that you guys have a thought about this. Eagerly waiting for the next updates.
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