Order getting filled but response failing

Hi all my orders are getting processed, but getting below error for all the orders.

{"message":"No response from server with error code: ECONNABORTED","error_type":"NetworkException","data":null}
  • sujith
    When does this happen? Is this happening consistently or intermittent?
    What Kite Connect client are you using?
  • dipgupta1986
    Today again happened for couple of orders
  • dipgupta1986
    Same again: {"message":"No response from server with error code: ECONNABORTED","error_type":"NetworkException","data":null}
  • jacksonranjith
    Hi Sujith, I too faced the same error when tried to place order at 9.16. Recent days, I could see the API call including Place Order & Margin are failing between 9.15 to 9.20. Is it because of the overload to the API server?
  • mgnanaprakash
    @sujith Same Happened to me today. It is placeorder API using nodejs client. Last week alone I have faced this issue three times. Happening at 9.16 AM Mostly.
  • sujith
    When an order is placed it goes through various systems and then reaches OMS. We wait for OMS to respond and then the 200 response is sent to the user. If OMS doesn't respond then Kite Trade sends this error. The ideal thing to do is to fetch orderbook and check if the order is placed or not and then retry.

    We are looking into margins not updating issue. You can follow up here.
  • jacksonranjith
    Thanks @sujith for your quick response.
    Since the order API responded with exception, I don't have to Order ID to verify if the order went through or not. I can possibly check the Positions API if that works. Wondering why the Margin API failed that time, it wont required go to OMS to fetch available margin isn't it? If its your system that could respond in the initial few mins due to the heavy load, then it has to be fixed from your side. Anyway, I will followup the margin issue in that separate thread.
  • dipgupta1986
    @sujith Do you mean to say, after each order we need to check the order book?
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