Margin Call showing utilised/debits field as 0.0 after successfull orders

Hi Team, I am very disappointed today as margin available call again showed 0 value in debits post successful order today morning at 9:23. It has resulted in huge losses for me as my dynamic position sizing went for a toss. Request you to do proper RCA for this issue. This happened 2nd time, last time it happened in April. It was rectified later.
  • gaurmmec
    @sujith @themohammedfaisal Today as well we faced this issue for 10 mns. Kindly let me know if you are not going to fix this issue. I ll have to change my trading time from 9:25 to 9:30 then.
  • vivek_scorpio
    Oh, this is so irritating, I faced the same issue today.
    Please look into it.
    @sujith @themohammedfaisal
  • vivek_scorpio
    Is this the only mode of communication for us ?
  • prateek3211
    @sujith @rakeshr pls help here,we are facing loss just because API chose to give out false information. SBI margin rules have already reduced our takeaway & this false information makes us believe that we have no money for hedging & we exit with huge losses
  • sujith
    @vivek_scorpio, @prateek3211, @gaurmmec,
    Are you guys saying it was sending previous cached value or it was sending 0? Can you private message client id and mention is this happening at market opening and closing time or throughout the day?
    Is this consistent or intermittent?
  • sujith
    Also, can you mention if this is the first trade of the day?
  • gaurmmec
    gaurmmec edited June 11
    @sujith This issue will be encountered only in 2nd trade of the day, before first trade utilised/debits field value will be zero only. We are getting utilised/debits field as 0 before placing 2nd trade or post successful first order.

    Wednesday: We had seen this issue during 2nd and 3rd trade as well, it was resolved around 9:35.
    Thursday: We had seen this issue in 2nd trade only. It was resolved around 9:30.

    It was sending 0 or u can say same snapshot as that we have taken no trades. Its coming in morning only till 9:30. We had seen only 3 occurrences - 28th April, 9th May, 10th May.
    My Client Id: PL7572
  • sujith
    I have informed the team to take a look at this issue. Thank you for the information.
  • gaurmmec
    We have checked the logs, we have also faced cached data issue on Wednesday, when it did not update margin call after 2nd trade as well.
  • gaurmmec
    @sujith @rakeshr @themohammedfaisal Team , today also we faced issue. We got 0 value in utilised field post successful trades, It was resolved at 9:26. Kindly take this issue at high priority. Kindly check if this is related to any caching issue. Why margin not getting updated in morning before 9:25?
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