GetQuote with Instrument Id, returns json with instrumentid not name

Hello - I tried Get Quote with symbol ("NSE:INFY") and IntrumentId ("408065"). The response for call with instrument id returns instrument id back in data. I'd prefer it return symbol. Is this something that can be addressed?
  • rakeshr
    No, you will have to map this at your end, using a complete instrument dump. Something like, a function that takes instrument_id as input, matches with instrument dump, and returns required trading symbol. Each Instrument_id is unique for the symbol, for the downloaded trading day. So, you need to import instrument dump every trading day once at the day start.
  • Sundar76
    Sundar76 edited June 2021
    @rakeshr - I understand how to use Instrument dump as a ref table and get the symbol. But what I'm actually trying to achieve is to get the instrument id of expired options using the symbol in the GetQuote call (you may see from my other posts as well as others' that we are having hard time getting the historical data for expired options). In one of the posts here, I remember reading about how to get historical data for expired options provided we have archived the instrument ids of the symbols we desire (say, BANKNIFTY2151335000CE).
    I know this is a workaround, but its way better that archiving intrument id dump every week.
  • sujith
    It is not a recommended way to fetch data. I am afraid we can't make changes to the API to support this.
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