Future Symbol Price

I want to get price of future symbol (NFO). I am getting null value when i pass INFYJUNFUT for infosys june future. can anyone help us???
  • sujith
    You can refer to the documentation to know more about the request params.
  • sujith
    Make sure to use the right tradingsymbol that is there in the instruments dump and not the formatted name used on Kite web and mobile app.
  • ishanvadalia01
    We are looking for future prices ... Can you please help me with the any of the other Syntex ???
  • rakeshr
    You have to use exchange:tradingsymbol format to fetch quote data for required tradingsymbol. For example, here for Infy jun future:NFO:INFY21JUNFUT.
    You can fetch trading symbol, exchange, and other details from the complete instrument list.
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