Error in Postback API - old price is payload when limit order is updated with a new price

krishnakant edited June 2021 in API clients

I am working with the Postback API ( When I try to update the price for a limit order, I received the updated payload via the API. However, this payload reflects the old price and not the new price which I had updated for. This is also the case when I tried to update the quantity.

e.g. If I place a LIMIT order to buy RELIANCE at 2200.
Next, I update the price to 2201 by calling the modify_order() API, the payload has 2200 instead of 2201.

Please check the API on your end, if you can reproduce this.
Note - the price and quantity does reflect correctly on Zerodha website but is sent wrongly in the payload.

@sujith @rakeshr

  • sujith
    These are the async messages pushed by the OMS. There are other edge cases as well. We suggest you use postbacks as an event to fetch orderbook and check the required fields.
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