Historical data API not working

Hi @vivek @Kailash ,
i have no problem accessing any other API but the historical data API. i am using the same access token for historical data
here is the request that i am trying to hit

it is returning "{"status": "error", "error_type": "TokenException", "message": "Invalid API credentials"}" error message

is it working for you guys?
  • Vivek
    @pranksterguru Historical API is an add on, you have to purchase it for the corresponding app you are using. You can login to developer console to do that.
  • cisk
    Hi Vivek,
    I have few questions. Please help me in answering them

    Ques1: Just want to make sure that the technical indicators people are creating are using paid-subscription to retrieve historical data from zerodha?
    Ques2: I can pay for 1 month of historical data, retrieve minute level data for all tickers and then terminate the subscription, right?
    Ques3: Do we get tick level data for historical api subscription?
  • sujith
    In orders go code technical indicator you need historical data which is OHLC snapshot of every minute or other intervals. You can either subscribe to historical data(add-on subscription) or generate candles at your end using live market data provided by Websockets API(Kite Ticker) which is included in the base subscription.

    You can pay for historical data for one month, dump all the data at your end and use it.

    We don't have tick by tick data, you can only receive historical data in one minute and other intervals as mentioned here.
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