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Order Status: - Current status of the order. Most common values or COMPLETE, REJECTED, CANCELLED, and OPEN. There may be other values as well.

Can you pls provide a list of order status and their meanings
  • Kailash
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    These are the interim statuses that an order can go through before it is OPEN, CANCELLED, REJECTED, LAPSED or COMPLETE. Normally, you wouldn't be able to see them as they happen in fast succession internally.
  • Dhumalrao
    what does status PUT ORDER REQ RECEIVED mean?
  • sebin2sms
    If I Buy or Sell any item , the status turns to "PUT ORDER REQUEST RECEIVED".
    This message appear for hours, so no trading is possible and loosing money.
    Kindly request Zerodha to take it on an urgent note.
  • sebin2sms
    Is there a way to get out of this status.?
    Kindly advice.
  • suhailmrs
    how to get rid of this status: "PUT ORDER REQUEST RECEIVED".
    any update?
    i am not able to do a cover order from API.
  • sujith
    Hi @suhailmrs,
    While placing a cover order, you need to set order_variety as "co" and product as "MIS", it seems like you have set variety as regular. Hence your order didn't go through.
  • shrikul1989
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    How to fix this error? I am placing a normal MIS order, Order gets placed and executed but Status always stuck at PUT ORDER REQUEST RECEIVED and never changes from there. - I am doing this through API.
  • sujith
    It seems like you orderbook is empty.
  • shrikul1989
    @sujith - orderbook is not empty. I have been trying to place orders through API since last 2 days. They are being executed but api response is stuck at put order request received. I never get a confirmation that order was completed. When i check my order book in kite it shows that order was executed successfully.

    Problem is my SL and target orders are placed when my entry order gets confirmation that its complete. As the status is stuck, my app does not place SL and target orders.
  • shrikul1989

    @sujith - Take a look at the attached screenshot. When I request details for an individual order i get the status as PUT ORDER REQUEST RECEIVED(Though Order is complete) but when I query for whole Orderbook I am getting correct status for same order which is "Rejected" for this order. Shouldn't i be getting same when querying an individual order instead of PUT ORDER REQUEST RECEIVED?
  • sujith
    The response you get is a list of order status in the system. Check for the last item in the list, your order seems to be rejected because the price is lower than lower circuit limit.

    You can check rejection reason in the status_message field.
  • shrikul1989
    shrikul1989 edited December 2017
    @sujith I had purposely put that price. Same thing happens when I put a valid order and order gets executed. In any case, Status of the order should be Rejected for the above example right? - Why is it still showing as "Put Order Request Received"?

    Anyway - I will test again when I get chance and get back to you. Maybe I am doing something wrong here.
  • sujith
    The getOrder(order_id) is not a record of one order. It is a list of all the statuses an order goes through once it is placed from a trading terminal.
    You need to go to the last item in the list to find the latest order. You can check out documentation.
  • cisk
    @sujith : Is there a way to perform action on order update callbacks?
  • sujith
    Can you elaborate?
  • cisk
    cisk edited January 2018
    @sujith I found a link related to it :
    However, I was looking for something like on_orderfill or on_ordermodify callback events just as we have for on_connect or on_reconnect. Basically, I don't want to poll each of my placed orders but rather rely on callbacks to update me ..
  • sujith
    From Kite Connect 3 you can get order fill updates via Websockets.
  • cisk
    cisk edited January 2018
    @sujith Thank for the info. I have pulled the code a week ago from I hope this is the Kite connect 3 version you are referring to. I am a bit confused on how to access this information via websockets. Could you please help me with an example here or refer to an existing thread?
    Currently, I'm using only on_tick and and on_connect callbacks from websockets object and couldn't locate on the trace for placed or filled orders in my websockets logs
  • sujith
    We are doing some final changes, so pykiteconnect repository must have been updated multiple time in this week. You need to clone kite3 branch for latest changes. You don't have to subscribe to order updates explicitly. It is sent as a text message from Kite Ticker. You need to set a callback in your script.
    You can check out callback here.
  • cisk
    @sujith Thank for providing the information. Ideally, i'd expect the branch to be less out of sync with master, which isn't the case now. I assume many folks would be forking the master branch and not the Kite3 branch, mostly due to unawareness.
  • sujith
    This is the new Kite Connect 3 on which we are working from past one year. We haven't officially announced it yet. There breaking changes. Hence all the clients will be given some grace period to switch.
    We will announce once we complete our changes.
  • mailboxofrafiq
    @sujith how to implement on_order update postback in Java? any example?
  • sujith
    You can take look at examples in kite3 branch.
  • ksmaheshkumar
    Can you pls share the list of Order status Strings.
    I have collected

    Do we have Anything else on Zerodha platform
  • RTK
    RTK edited September 2020
    And it moves to OPEN --> COMPLETE through the MODIFY route....when I changed the Order Type to "Market".
  • rakeshr
    And it moves to OPEN --> COMPLETE through the MODIFY route....when I changed the Order Type to "Market".
    It has to as you modified a pending order field. You can have look at this documentation for all order status.
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