'KiteConnect' object has no attribute 'generate_session' error

nickmanan edited January 2018 in General
'KiteConnect' object has no attribute 'generate_session'

im getting this error when i use
data = kite.generate_session("request_token_here", secret="your_secret")
  • sujith
    Did you install package as mentioned here?
  • prajwal
    prajwal edited August 2018
    I've installed all the packages mentioned. I still get the error 'request_access_token'. Please help
  • rakeshr
    Make sure, you are using latest version of Kite Connect APIs and all the dependencies are installed.Install latest version using pip install kiteconnect --upgrade and then check the version using pip show kiteconnect, it should be 3.7.4.
  • Souvick
    I am facing the same issue. I have upgraded to 3.7.4
  • sujith
    Can you check if your script is speaking to the same path where latest pykiteconnect is installed?
  • ravidparikh92
    I am facing the same issue..
  • rakeshr
    Can you check kite connect client version in the scrip path by pip show kiteconnect, it should be 3.7.4 ?
  • ravidparikh92
    ravidparikh92 edited November 2018
    Yes its 3.7.4.. also i was able to get over the problem by a very weird thing... instead of putting the request token and api secret directly into the function call, i passed them as variables and it ran.. not clear on why something like this would happen.
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