Websockets not sending any data today

Websockets is not sending any data today. Its failing in connect function. Has anything changed?
  • razcads
    Have the same issue today on my app as well. App is not able to connect to Zerodha. Login seems ok and token also generated but looks like problem exists with WebSocket. It just exits. @sujith @zartimus can you guys check it up please
  • razcads
    @sujith @zartimus scratch that post... there are no errors your end. but yeah NSE back end team or some team needs to be kicked as they have changed names of a futures overnight! man who does that in a mid of the month. Not notice nothing.
  • chandankr@yahoo.com
    I'm still getting same error..even with single tocken 13431810. Its not able to subscribe from connect.
  • chandankr@yahoo.com
    can you pls tell me which futures names have been changed . Thanks @razcads
  • rakeshr
    Websocket subscription and feed for instrument token 13431810/ITC19JANFUT is fine.Can you paste here WebSocket error log?
  • razcads
    @chandankr@yahoo.com IDFCBANK is now IDFCFIRSTB that's the only one atleast I noticed.
  • ajit_joshi18
    Hi @sujith,

    It seems getInstruments is not sending following securities information in response.

    List com.zerodhatech.kiteconnect.KiteConnect.getInstruments(String exchange) throws KiteException, JSONException, IOException

    Missing Securities:
  • sujith
    What exchange are you sending?
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