Why change in Index Weekly Option Symbol Format


Why have you guys changed the format of the trading symbol for index weekly options?

Earlier it was YYMMMDD format now YYMMDD format. Why there was no communication on this regard.

For example, as per earlier syntax this week's banknifty option should have been BANKNIFTY14FEB1927000CE but now its BANKNIFTY1921427000CE.

Is this going to be the new format.
  • sujith
    NSE has introduced the new Nifty weekly options from today. In order to support that and make everything uniform, we have switched to the exchange specified format.
  • prakash.jj
    Hmm...why there was no communication to clients.... How can earth someone can code it without knowing what's the trading symbol format.

    Can you confirm what is the format now. Is it YYMMDD for all weekly options and YYMMM for monthly options?
  • sujith
    Since the exchange published it from Monday. We had to take it live. We apologize for not informing users. We will inform such changes henceforth.

    Yes, it will be YYMDD for all weekly options.
    The new exchange month format will have 1 for JAN, 2 for FEB, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, O - October, N - November, D - December
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