KiteCore - Third Party C# library for Kite connect

Opensource Kite connect and websocket library in C#

Github -

Documentation is not yet ready but you can refer Demo.cs.

Thanks to @chaudhariapurva for the contribution.
  • Ramkrishna
    Great news. Congratulations all for above release.
  • stg
    Hello all,
    I downloaded the Kite connect from github, but when I compile it , I get 162 errors. Most of the errors are in the dictionaries such as this:
    //Modify an open position's product type.
    var param = new Dictionary
    ["exchange"] = exchange,
    ["tradingsymbol"] = tradingSymbol,
    ["transaction_type"] = transactionType,
    ["position_type"] = positionType,
    ["quantity"] = quantity,
    ["old_product"] = oldProduct,
    ["new_product"] = newProduct
    Error 120 Invalid initializer member declarator

    I am not able to figure out how to get it to work. Any one else have these problems?

    Thanks in advance
  • chaudhariapurva
    @stg kindly send me the errors and the visual studio version you are using ,if u want ill send u the .dll so that you can directly use it.
  • chaudhariapurva
    I have compiled the program on latest visual studio and its compiling fine
  • Shabeershah2002
    Shabeershah2002 edited October 2016
    I have tried this one and it works great this is built on top of Kite API and it helps to use NinjaTrader as well
  • ishwarm
    ishwarm edited November 2016
    @chaudhariapurva , thanks a lot for this amazing library! I was able to use this in RightEdge (a trading tool in C#) and it is working fine.
    I have also modified the Login.Initiate() method to have a WebBrowser control which takes care of fetching the request_token without manually having to copy it. Let me know if you want to include this in the core and I will be happy to share it.
  • Kailash
    @ishwarm You should submit a pull request of your patch to
  • Ganesh
    @Kailash and @vivek

    What version of Visual Studio is best suited for this? I have 2010 and 2015 which one to be used?
  • sujith
    Hi @Ganesh,
    I would suggest use latest one.
  • Ganesh
    Good Library @chaudhariapurva Thanks. I was able to use it and its working perfectly fine.
    I noticed that it doesn't have many things implemented yet which are in KiteDotNet like Login Status, Login Response, Access Token Status, Instrument Download Status and many such get/set properties.

    Do you have any plans of implementing these features?

  • chaudhariapurva
    chaudhariapurva edited November 2016
    @Ganesh Its good to know that people are able to draw value from my work .It really started out as a project for my personal framework.The reason its so basic is that I really wanted it to be configurable and to learn from the community of programmers on kite forum so that we may together develop a superior open source trading paltform.I invite all programmers willing to contribute to such cause.I am greatful to @ishwarm for contrubution and furthering the project.

    Any and all ideas are welcome.I or other proghrammers can review it and come up with solutions which benefit everyone.
  • ramangoswami
    hi chaudhariapurva,

    Can you please provide me com enabled dll liberary.
    so that i can use it in scripts.
    Or please tell me how can i compile the code with com visible
    to obtain the dll file.
    Thanks in advance
    That would be great help if you can answer this.
  • ramangoswami
    Or how can i use kitedotnet.dll in vba macros.
    Currently i am not able to register that dll in OS
  • botany02
    Separate COM library for Excel is being built and will be released soon.
  • ramangoswami
    but is there a way i built the com library from current dll ?
  • ramangoswami
    using visual studio from source code
  • botany02
    Current Library is exhaustive & making it COM visible, and accessing it from Excel Vba is out of scope.
    That's why Building a Light version for Excel.

    But if you want to use the current library in Excel.
    Just create a new Class Library Project.
    Make it COM visible.
    Import KiteDotNet
    && Just add the Functions/Methods of KiteDotNet to your Project.
  • botany02
    To make Class Library COM visible.

    Goto Project Properties -->Application --> Assembly Information --> Check "Make COM visible"
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