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I want to know, how can i integrate MS Excel with Zerodha Kite. I already know that there is a fee associated with it and i need to add credit to my account and create an app. what i need to know is, how can we transfer data to excel. What are the prerequisites and how they are done in simple plain english . I understand that there are Jargons like API, Kite connect account, VBA.
Thanks in advance
  • ZI4453
    Welcome to Automation:

    Zerodha provide execution platform for managing your orders(buy,sell view marketdata-live/historical data in any form as you wish).
    For this they provide a tool called API which is similar to zerodha kite ,It has similar functionalities as Kite webapp but it requires at least basic knowledge of any one of the supporting languages to start working with.

    There are developers available but if you give your requirement someone in this forum might help you out.
  • Maddyms7
    Thanks for replying, Please Answer the following questions so that i can get started.
    Q1: Can i use MS Excel and VBA to connect with Zerodha API, if yes then where is the required documentation. Please send me the link.
    Q2: As i was searching i found that HowYouTrade has developed some application which can connect with zerodha account, can we use that to connect to Excel, so that i can trade from MS Excel. Here is the link for that app.
    Your help is much appreciated. Thanks
  • Maddyms7
    Last Question: Lets say i get the API access from zerodha, can i create an Excel application using VBA to connect to Zerodha API, if yes than thats all i wanted to know so that i can build my own application.
  • sujith
    The excel library is built by @HowUTrade and @botany02. Maybe they can help you with this.
  • HowUTrade

    VBA knowledge is must to build Trading system in Excel.

    We already have sample excel platform built with KiteNet (.Net Library) and Kite API.
    This sample excel platform is as good as Traditional Trading Platform with Market Watch, Admin Positions, Order Windows etc.

    One can simply build their trading system on the sample excel workbook or build their own from the scratch.

    Below links may help you to get started;
    DLL & Excel Sample Download : (see end of page)

  • sandra142
    You can mange Excel workbook connection in 3 different ways:

    1: Workbook Connections dialog box;
    2: Creating an Office Data Connection (ODC) file (.odc);
    3: Refresh external data connection.

    For detailed information about these above mentioned ways , check out this link:
  • navin_nandakumar
    Is there a way to download 15 mins OHLC data using excel VBA?
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