Execution for large order

I am looking forward to moving to zerodha, I send large positional options orders (bank nifty -1000 lots).

Q #1 How can the execution be manged via API as there would be at least 60ms-80ms* roundtrip delay in modifying the order based on various execution algos.
is there is a way where I submit my orders via API to zerodha, and zerodha has some list of execution algos to choose from at their server. So, after receiving my order the server will perform the execution accordingly.

Q #2 Basic overview of API suggests that order needs to sent in serial order, can we send all at once in some kind XML or any acceptable format?
A sample order bank nifty
Put 27200 @ 129.47 | Long : 300.0 Short : 0.0
Put 27300 @ 151.35 | Long : 900.0 Short : 0.0
Put 27400 @ 174.72 | Long : 1000.0 Short : 0.0
Put 27500 @ 202.47 | Long : 2100.0 Short : 0.0
call 27700 @ 432.52 | Long : 300.0 Short : 0.0

*( form aws mumbai)
  • ZI4453
    API is an execution platform and broker does not have any dedicated server demarcating API orders vs Web-app orders,
    i have not come across firing orders from attachments, folks might be able to help.
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. It just provides a REST-like API calls that can be used to place modify order request, place an order request, fetch orders, fetch positions, and more.
    We don't provide any kind of support or solution for the user strategies.
    You can know more here.

    You need to maintain a list at your end and place multiple orders.
  • rrrmanish
    For example if i have to buy 10000 shares of maruti, how that can be done with minimum slippage

    Executing larger order requires Modiying order at fast speeds the api would have ping delays
  • ZI4453
    Irrespective of quantity broker will just pass payload(Your order request) to Exchange API and thats it..
    Broker's API is just in the man in middle to communicate between Traders and exchange,
    Once exchange accepts your order it starts filling up with available Quantities and no one can assure that all 10k will be filled at any given point of time...
  • ZI4453
    ZI4453 edited October 2019
    No broker will be able to give any assurance on order fills, also brokers have restriction and placing "Quantity" in single order..
    If you give us your complete requirement we should be able to give you what can and cant be done with this broker.
  • sujith
    sujith edited October 2019
    You will have to make an API call with correct params once and you will receive a order id in return which indicates that order is placed and then you can pull orderbook to check the status of the order.

    Usually, order placement would be less than a second if you are using the cloud (aws-mumbai).
    However, there are some restrictions that Zerodha has imposed on users, you may check it out here.

    A user can place up to 2000 orders per day. This is also a restriction imposed by Zerodha. You can know more here.

    Apart from this, Kite Connect has API rate limits which you can check here.
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