Receiving "Error : Lost Ticker Connection" while calling kite.GetHistoricalData() on OnTick() event

I have subscribed to use KiteConnect API and streaming data both. I am using c# .NET for my automation. I receive the "Error : Lost Ticker Connection", when i am calling "kite.GetHistoricalData()" method on "OnTick()" event.

To give you more context i am calling "kite.GetHistoricalData()" method to receive past 1 month data with the 30 mins interval. This happens on each tick.

Please help me to resolve this problem.
  • sujith
    You need to use multi-threading, don't make any calculations or processing inside on_tick. One should never block the main thread that is receiving ticks.
    The only code inside on_tick should be to pass data to other threads and nothing more.
  • samirbrd
    I think that there is a problem at the Zerodha end. Historical data fetching is not working
  • samirbrd
    Problem started around 10.30 today
  • rakeshr
    It's rectified.
  • samirbrd
    working now
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