unable to get the available cash margin

hi team<

i used to get the available cash margin in my account previously by using MARGIN method. But now, when i am trying to use the same margin method and know about the available cash margin. I am getting the below data, without any actual value.

{'enabled': False, 'net': 0, 'available': {'adhoc_margin': 0, 'cash': 0, 'opening_balance': 0, 'live_balance': 0, 'collateral': 0, 'intraday_payin': 0}, 'utilised': {'debits': 0, 'exposure': 0, 'm2m_realised': 0, 'm2m_unrealised': 0, 'option_premium': 0, 'payout': 0, 'span': 0, 'holding_sales': 0, 'turnover': 0, 'liquid_collateral': 0, 'stock_collateral': 0, 'delivery': 0}}

anything which i am doing wrong?
  • sujith
    Are you sure you are checking for the right segment?
    It looks like the segment is disabled for your account.
    You can check on the Kite web funds page once and contact support.
  • gkaranam
    Hi Sujith, Thanks for your quick reply. As said earlier. I was getting the available cash margin for equity and commodity earlier through this method. I checked the kite.zerodha Funds page and was able to see Available cash margin over there for Equity segment.

  • rakeshr
    enabled Indicates whether the segment is enabled for the user
    Can you go through this article to check, if you're required exchanged is disable for stated reason. You can re-check the same under Console as well.
  • gkaranam
    I have checked this @rakeshr . I have access for all the segments. Below is one screenshot.

    @rakeshr @sujith
  • gkaranam
    Can someone look into this?
  • rakeshr
    We just checked on this. You seem to be requesting for MCX, which is disabled for you.
  • gkaranam
    @rakeshr - no I am not requesting for mcx. The same kite.margin() was returning me the plain cash margin available. And I am not even mentioning any segment while making the request of kite. Martin().

    This was working before. And I have not done any change in my code.
  • gkaranam
    Can you atleast tell me how to get the margin for EQ, FNO, and currencies. That would be helpful atleast.

    @rakeshr , @sujith
  • rakeshr
    Then you are not parsing the margins response correctly. Can you paste your complete code for margin fetch here?
    Also, it should be kite.margins() not kite.margin()
  • rakeshr
    Can you atleast tell me how to get the margin for EQ, FNO, and currencies.
    You can request the required segment margins by sending the segment field, refer to this documentation.
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