get_quote() is returning empty results

Vipul7779 edited February 3 in Python client
exchange2_symbol='NFO:NIFTY JAN 14900 CE'
print("quote_info_exchange2 :",quote_info_exchange2)

# output : quote_info_exchange2 : {}
  • rakeshr
    'NFO:NIFTY JAN 14900 CE'
    Jan contract is already expired. Check for latest instrument from daily instrument list.
  • Vipul7779
    Vipul7779 edited February 5
    @rakeshr is that mean I can get only current month data?
    Could you please explain it more?
  • sujith
    It is live market data so you can only get current, next, or far month instruments data.
  • sujith
    The tradingsymbol you are using is wrong, you need to send the correct one that is present in the instruments master dump.
  • Vipul7779
    Vipul7779 edited February 10
    @sujith @rakeshr Thanks for responding but now I am using this symbol NFO:NIFTY FEB 15900 CE but still I am getting an empty result.
  • sujith
    Kite web uses modified tradingsymbol for readability purposes. You need to send the correct tradingsymbol that is mentioned in the instrument master dump.
  • Vipul7779
    @sujith I can see this symbol NFO:NIFTY FEB 15900 CE on the kite but not in the instrument CSV that I have downloaded from the given link, why this thing is happening??
    Could you please explain?
  • sujith
    NIFTY FEB 15900 CE is not a real symbol, it is a readable format generated by the Kite web and app for ease of use.
    Machines only need the actual tradingsymbol while placing an order and in this case it is NIFTY21FEB15900CE
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