WebSockets for an APP with multiple users

Hello Team,

We are looking forward to develop an app for multiple users where we will be using websockets to get the realtime positions, orders, order updates, pnl and apply some business logic over it and display it to the user. We necessarily need orders & positions placed from all platforms of zerodha (web,mobile,api,etc) of the logged in user to be displayed in our app without polling the api.

1. Should we open new websocket for each logged in user? In that case how much max websockets can be created considering we will be only using one api key for the app.
2. Can i use the market data i.e live ticks for stocks/fno coming from websocket to display it in our app for multiple users, considering that only we will be buying it.
3. Can we fetch the historical data from kite historical api and store it in db and then use it for analysis in our app for multiple user.
4. Do we need to get some specific permission for doing the above things.

Thanks in advance !
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