How to get latest order placed price from api.orders or api positions

Hi @sujith and fellow members of this forum,

I need to know how to get or retrieve latest price at which order is placed from order or position API, as i thought from position API [average price] column it gives the latest entry price weather it is long or short but it gives the total average price of the day, for e.g today i placed two order for ICICI bank 1) sell order at 09:30 @ 631.40 and 2) sell order at 11:00 @ 630, so to calculate the 2nd order pnl i need the entry price of 630, but in API position it is giving me total average price, whereas in the API order i can see that in average price it shows the price i need , but when i'm retrieving the price i'm getting two prices.

so how to get the latest entry price.

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