MIS with disclosed quantity

@sujith @rakeshr and all
As per one of my strategies i want to place a intraday limit order with huge quantity. I have some questions how kite API supports this and best practices on this flow.
For example i want to buy 10K shares of NIFTY50 stock, discloses quantity = 1K
1. Are these 10K shares comes under one order or 10 different orders or one parent order & 10 corresponding child orders?
2. At any point of time, how to get executed quantity (like 5550 upon 5full &1 partial execution)?
3. If i want to sell as soon as buy completed, is there any clever way or kite function? i don't want to keep multiple sell orders on partial execution, i can't update existing order as it might complete by the time i update.
4. If the quantity is high 1L or 2L (for low price share), order might not execute completely, any alternatives to execute.
  • sujith
    Kite Connect just places order with the quantity provided by the user. It doesn't split order if quantity is high.
    You can place order for the quantity up to freeze quantity.
    If you receive error then you will have to place order with lower quantity.

    At any point of time you can fetch orderbook and check the filled quantity field of the order.

    If you want to place a sell order then you can use the place order API. This is the only way to take or exit a position.

    If you receive error or you order is rejected then you need to split quantity into small values and place again.
  • Kamalv
    @sujith thanks for the response.
    1. My point is If I place a order with disclosed quantity, does system considers one order or multiple?
    2. If multiple, are all orders independent or one orderID acts as parent rest are child?
    3. If I place an order with disclosed quantity, if it partially executed, is there any possible to cancel it?
    3. If I buy same stock multiple times (order1: TATAMOTORS, quantity=100, order2:TATAMOTORS, quantity=300), anyway to get 400 without adding manually.
  • sujith
    It is still one single order. Kite Connect will not split orders.
    You can cancel an order at any point in time.

    You can check the outstanding net quantity by fetching the positions API.
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