Historical Instrument files

Can you share the earlier historical files as the API call always returns the current history file. I am sure that Zerodha would have the files for various months in its repository.
  • sujith
    We don't have old instrument files. We keep updating same instrument file. Can you let us know why you need that file? if possible we can suggest for an alternative.
  • Gaurav
    HI @sujith , I need past 1 year rolling month data for Gold, for that I need previous tokens file (I need this specifically for MCX commodities). Using current month instrument_token, i am able to fetch last few months data for Gold but I need rolling months data.

    Also is it possible to fetch historical data using exchange_token rather than instrument_token
  • sujith
    Hi @Gaurav,
    The problem is exchange keeps repeating tokens after a contract is expired. Hence we are also not able to provide historical data for expired contracts. We are planning to provide data for expired contracts in future but as of now, we can't guarantee any timeline.
  • hello@lemion.in
    We need the files to identify the tokens for historical expired futures. We can have a recheck at the data validity based on token reuse. But the availability of files will be of great value and help
  • sujith
    We also internally fetch data using instrument tokens. As of now, we can't fetch data without instrument token that is the reason we are are not providing users. In future, we will come up with some alternate solution wherein users don't have to fetch data using instruments token.

    We write data to the same file every day on our server. Hence we won't be able to provide old instrument data.
  • astu9880
    Any updates or workaround on this?
  • rakeshr
    You can fetch continuous day data for the required MCX instrument(using the current instrument token). This documentation explains more on this.
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