Error while placing orders


Facing issues after login on screen message "Error while fetching session. Please reload the page.", upon refreshing it twice or thrice it works again, sometimes more number of refreshes are required. Please check.
  • sujith
    Can you let us know more details like browser, OS details about it?
    We couldn't reproduce this at our end. Is this consistent or intermittent?
    Can you also give screenshot or steps to reproduce?
  • rakeshr
    We tried reproducing the above error of Error while fetching session. Please reload the page. at our end, on all possible publisher execution including, publisher js, dynamic button, HTML buttons. Login works fine on all of the above.
    Can you provide us below details:
    Type of Publisher(HTML buttons or dynamic buttons)
    Browser detail
    O.S detail
  • TeamWealthDesk
    Sujith: this is happening intermittently and not always across browsers and OS.. and upon several refreshes it works again (screenshot attached) for all users

    Rakesh: dynamic button; os and browser agnostic issue
  • sujith
    We did try this out multiple times, but we couldn't reproduce this. We will ask the team to try and reproduce this again today.

    If you come across a pattern or behavior to reproduce this, let us know.
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