Postback URL not being sent

Dear Support,

I just fired my first API call to place a order to BUY a stock, and I was expecting to receive a POSTBACK url call to my server. I have just put a
console.log(" received postback") logging
to see if i get any response.
I double checked the setup but it seems i am not getting the response.
BUY order is succesfully fired and I got

Please help
  • sunderskite
    Do you need client ID and Api Key and is it ok to share it in this forum. Is there any other way to contact support in cases like the above for a faster resolution
  • sunderskite
    Ok. I read the FAQ and I still need some help. I have merely starting with a handshake of all the ends. I just put a console logging on the server and tested it with my restclient and use the following structure for testing and it is working fine.

    POST https://xxx:yyy/addorder
    Content-Type: application/json

    "order_timestamp":"2021-07-09 15:00:57",
    "exchange_update_timestamp":"2021-07-09 15:00:57",
    "exchange_timestamp":"2021-07-09 15:00:57",
  • sunderskite
    Only 1 difference that i notice is I have setup my HTTPS on port 3000 and your (faq)setup uses 443. However Zerodha dashboard did not complain while setting the POSTBACK url.
  • sunderskite
    Couple of more things:
    I changed the URL to match the example
    "/addorder" to "/post"
    Still does'nt work.
    Now can someone confirm
    (1) if the port HAS to be 443?
    (2) I dont have a domain name yet, therefore punched the "https://" , is this allowed ?

  • sunderskite
    I mean ,i used the following format

  • rakeshr
    (1) if the port HAS to be 443?
    Yes, postback URL has to be HTTPs which uses port 443.
    (2) I dont have a domain name yet, therefore punched the "https://" , is this allowed ?
    No, it should be reachable HTTPs URL. You can use ngrok/others tunnel service, to server locally. Here is an example explanation for the same.
  • sujith
    You need a valid https address to get postbacks.
  • sunderskite
    Thank you. I am using a VPS, then have to setup https
  • sunderskite
    I did setup HTTPS on port 443, now the url looks like "https://x.x.x.x/post" but still I am not getting the callback from Zerodha.

    i tested "https://x.x.x.x/port" from my rest client and it continues to work

    Redirect URL however worked even with port 3000, since i migrated to 443, it continues to work on new port 443

    Any suggestions
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