LTP of atm contracts recieved in thousands, inbetween digits are missing


Dear Nithin and Support team

I am doing journey with zerodha past several years

now i am facing very terrific situation with kite API

This issue raised to your team ,but no resolution

tick was recieved LTP with wrong value.

same thing is repeated today,

Both below cases SL triggered incorrectly,

Reported to sujith, no action so far
  • sujith
    Is this same application as mentioned by @rishiajmera ?
  • sujith
    Can you let us know more about your setup?
    This is not possible, randomly one tick having difference of one or two decimal places. Our charts also hasn't recorded this.
  • sujanbabu67
    Yes Sujith, It was highlighted by rishi,
    he didnt get any reply from you, same issue repeated two times,
    Here i attched the evidance of ticks
    My set up is simpe weekly positional straddles.
  • sujith
    Can you update to the latest dotnetkiteconnect and check?
  • rakeshr
    We logged full mode tick data for the same instrument BANKNIFTY2250536500CE(token-14198786) from 12:08:06 till 15:29:59 and can't see any discrepancy in the last_price field.
  • sujith
    We have replied here as well.
  • sujanbabu67
    Can you update to the latest dotnetkiteconnect and check?
    Yes, has been Done.
    Please bring this issue to related people to resolve it
    Please give high priority and resolve it
    Please dont think that, only one customer face this issue.

  • sujith
    @sujanbabu67 Like @rakeshr mentioned there is no issue. We ran a script and found no discrepancy.

    PS: If there was a stray tick in between then chart would show that as the high for that candle. We don't see it.
  • sujanbabu67
    What is ur comment about the evidance that we provided, Do you think some other data is interrupting the data of KIte API,

    SRIJAN edited May 2022
    @sujanbabu67 ,

    The evidence provided is of your application,not the websocket data logs.

    Rakesh Sir even logged the ticks ,and no discrepancy was found.

    I guess the error is somewhere in your application. As Sujith Sir said, it's not possible that randomly a tick having difference of few decimal places,and this anomaly you are talking about wasn't even captured on charts.

    Also, websocket data is same for everybody,if there was a wrong tick,many people would be posting queries. But, it's only happening for RishiAjmera and you,or users who are using the same application you are using.

    If there was any error in C# library, then also this forum would be flooded with queries.

    I suggest ,run plain websocket code in C# simultaneously and just log the ticks. And run your application at the same time too. Next time this error occurs in your application,check if the actual tick sent by websocket was incorrect too(which shouldn't happen,as I explained above).
    However,if wrong tick is received when just plain streaming ticks ,then you can follow up here . Else,check your application.
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