Request to add ICEBERG order type in place order API

we saw the z connect post today.

Currently for FNO trades, we are forced to put a python SLEEP function as API limits 10 orders per sec per app. (this was discussed in earlier discussion initiated by me).

So making ICEBERG order will solve this issue that we will send entire order with full quantity (say for example 25000 NIFTY FUTURES) with leg size as quantity freeze (1800 currently). This way we can easilly overcome the 10 order per sec per app limitation by just sending one large iceberg order.

I hope this makes sense for traders who trade with large quantities.
  • rakeshr
    This is added to the place order API. You can go through the documentation here.
  • tapanjbhatt
    aah....when was this done????? this is gr8 news for us...superb
  • tapanjbhatt
    tapanjbhatt edited May 2022
    @rakeshr , what will be return type of the place_order() API when ICEBERG is sent? in normal order, we receive the order_id. Since here multiple orders can be placed, how can we know order_ids placed? FYI, we need to record order_id in our database system.

    PS: i am talking about python client.
  • sujith
    Only first leg order is placed initially, second order is triggered only after first leg is executed. Hence only one order_id is sent in response.
  • tapanjbhatt
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    thx @sujith , the further order_ids can be seen in ON_ORDER_UPDATE callback, riight? if yes, is there any way to know the related orders (i.e. all orders 2nd leg onwards) based on parent order id (the main order id returned by place_order api) or something like that? we need linkage between the first leg and subsequent legs.
    Asking bcoz I didnt find this info in docs....
  • sujith
    Yes, parent order id will be the first order id you received in the response when you place an iceberg order.
  • tapanjbhatt
    thx, i will verify response structure...this discussion can be closed.
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