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ashokbinra edited March 2023 in API clients
i am using zerodha api since last 3 years , from last 3-4 day i am getting ""Too Many Requests"" error while running my old scripts which run fine in past many months without giving error . why it so ?
does zerodha make some changes in api configuration or api requests rate ? or something else changed without giving prior intimation.
the phyton programs which run successfully in past how can giving me ""too Many Requests"" error recently (for last 3-4 days)
plz clarify asap
  • rakeshr
    does zerodha make some changes in api configuration or api requests rate ? or something else changed without giving prior intimation.
    No, there are no changes in the API rate limits. We always announce such major changes. Make sure, you have not spun-up multiple instances of the same program. This thread explains more.
  • ashokbinra
    ashokbinra edited March 2023
    i read it completely but i found no solution provided there by u or zerodha or any user.
    Also i found in the given thread lots of frustrated user wants to quit zerodha api ? what is the solution ? plz let me know directly .
    can u reset throtling limit from ur end ? plz do it . if no solution found yet by zerodha plz let me know.
    also if u want my ip address , api key i will share these with u in direct massage
  • ashokbinra
    as per my Reserch and knowledge also i am using AI to know the root of problem is as follows -- it appears that the server is receiving too many requests and is unable to handle them all at once, leading to the "Too Many Requests" error.

    There could be several reasons why this is happening, including:

    High Traffic Volume: If the website is experiencing a sudden spike in traffic, the server may not be able to handle the increased load, leading to the error.

    Poor Server Configuration: If the server is not configured properly, it may not be able to handle the incoming requests efficiently, leading to performance issues and errors.

    Slow Response Times: If the server takes too long to respond to requests, it can cause users to send multiple requests, leading to the error.

    Bot Traffic: If there are bots or automated scripts constantly hitting the server, it can cause the server to become overloaded and unresponsive.

    To resolve the issue, you could try the following:

    Optimize Server Configuration: Make sure that the server is configured correctly to handle the incoming requests. This may include adjusting the server settings or upgrading the server hardware.

    Use a CDN: A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can help distribute the load across multiple servers, improving the website's performance and reducing the likelihood of the error.

    Limit Requests: You could limit the number of requests that users can make within a certain time period, which can help reduce the load on the server and prevent the error from occurring.

    Identify and Block Bots: If there are bots or automated scripts causing the issue, you could identify them and block them from accessing the server.

    By implementing these solutions, you should be able to reduce the likelihood of the "Too Many Requests" error occurring and improve the overall performance of the website.
    so dear , plz do the needful from ur end and stop misguiding API SUBSCRIBERS
  • sujith
    sujith edited April 2023
    If you keep sending invalid requests then you will likely see 429 since you are blocked by Kite Trade. If you don't send invalid request in the first place then you will never see this error. Kite Connect is being used by thousands of production apps including our client facing apps which are used by lakhs of concurrent users. we haven't come across any issues.
  • ashokbinra
    just i found that as NSE website shifted to new one and i was using nsepy python library in my few programs that's why it happened but i didn't get any solution from zerodha end or from any other user an appropriate answer. plz make sure client will get quick and appropriate relief, rather than .........
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is purely and execution platform. We don't provide one to one support for writing code or strategies.
  • debashis88
    The user @ashokbinra was asking about the "Too many requests" error, which is caused by API limits let by Kite API, (max 10 requests per second).
    Maybe he is not aware of this API request limit, like many programmers.

    But @sujith ,
    Is there any chance, Zerodha is going to increase the API request limits to more than 10 per second, at least to 20? This is causing lots of problems for many clients. We're not able to run more than 2 strategies in a single API.

    Kindly let us know. Thanks in advance, with a great hope.
  • pranit0405
    Hi, today we are getting the same issue.

    We tried with a new App key & getting same error as below.
    Error while connecting. Message: The remote server returned an error: (429) Too Many Requests.

    Can anyone please guide how to solve this?
  • sharma1291
    I also facing this error "Too Many requests"last 15 days due to which I suffered loss as I am not able even see my holdings
  • MAG
    @pranit0405 @sharma1291

    Your code needs to be aware of the API limits and have controls in place to ensure that the limits are not being exceeded.

    Are you having any mechanism in place to monitor and preferably even log the requests made and their timestamps to confirm if the API limits are being crossed?

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