Is the Java api still on 1.7 jdk ?

Thats way too old and has significant security issues.
  • gautama
    and when can we expect a release on maven central ?
  • gautama
    @sujith please review this PR .. details in the latest issue on github
  • sujith
    We will discus internally and take the decision.
    This merge is a huge change for existing users, we will do it with next release if we are going to merge your changes.
  • gautama
    gautama edited December 2023
    whats the huge change for existing users ? Can you elaborate ? any one using non maven build can always download the jar from maven central or you can provide a direct link if they dont understand standard java build process like your own process.
  • gautama
    you can always provide a bundle of jar files for dependencies if someone still wants to remain antique
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