Rate Limits

API rate limit
  • Quote: 1req/second
  • Historical candle: 3req/second
  • Order placement: 10req/second, 200 Orders per Minute, 3000 Orders per day (across all segments)
  • All other endpoints: 10req/second
The documentation gives details about the per minute & per day limits placed on the Order Placement API. But there is no mention of any such limits on the other APIs, only the per second limits. Am I to understand that in the NSE Cash segment, I can place a maximum of 60 requests per minute and 375 * 60 requests per day for the Quotes API? That number would change for Currency & Commodities as the trading hours are different?

Secondly, for Historical Data API, as long as I do not make more than 3 requests per second, I can max out at 180 requests per minute? And 180 * 60 (mins per hr) * 24 (hrs per day)? Or are there additional limits on the Historical Data API beyond the 3 req / second? Same question for all "other" API end points.

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