getting wrong data in kite ticker and historical data of last 6 month and i need last 5 yrs data

i am trying to fetch historical data but for march, April and other months it shows similar data without and changes for more then 1 to 2 hours in a day. i required data of past 5 years how can i get it. getting correct data for past 1 months not more than that. therefore am not able to calculate its indices
  • sujith
    Can you elaborate with the complete debugs here? We need complete request and response logs to investigate.
  • HarshEbiz
    HarshEbiz edited November 2023
    i am trying to fetch historical data of silver micro but after view of all data in month of march, April and etc i am getting similar data for multiple candles due to which i am not able to do back testing. and also i need historical data of past 5 year
  • rakeshr
    similar data for multiple candles.
    Didn't get on this? You mean multiple day candles has similar OHLCV for the month of March, April 2023? Can you paste here the complete debug request?
    i need historical data of past 5 year
    Yes, it's available for day candles for more than 5 years. You need to check for the continuous data.
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