KiteDotNet.DLL :- Have any method to calculate leverage in Equity?

Hi @botany02 how r u?
do we have any method which can calculate leverage in equity like in case of BO we have to pass share number.

  • botany02
    I'm Fine..
    At-present, no method is available to calculate Margin/Leverage.
    I'm updating the library which will have functions for Margin/Leverage.

  • pawandev
    Request you to add google feeburner subscribe form in your website. User will subscribe your email list and when you add new things/info etc. User will notified by email. I think you got my view. thanks
  • pawandev

    How do I calculate the Margin required and Leverage for a particular share while placing BO order?

    I got the json from "" in the below format:-

    {"margin": 0, "co_lower": 4.0, "mis_multiplier": 3.0, "tradingsymbol": "AARTIIND", "co_upper": 16.5, "nrml_margin": 0, "mis_margin": 33.0}

    AARTIIND share price : 794.25

    Please guide me. thanks
  • pawandev
    ok thanks
  • haribabu

    I want F&O OI data also in KiteDonNet, will you make it available ?

    HowUtrade says Kite Server is not sending the same. any plans to send the same, with out which It may not benefit my trading. Also we need VWAP.
  • sujith
    Hi @haribabu,
    It is currently available in the getQuote call.
  • haribabu
    Hi @sujith

    getQuote function is not available in Kite Class Methods.

    It is having only SubscribeToQuotes which raised Quotes received Event. in that Open Interest is not available.

    I sent mail to they said Kite Server is not sending the same.
  • sujith
    It is not available in websockets as of now. We may add it in future based on the availability of the same data from our source.
  • khushbu
    There are so many methods to calculate the leverage equity but if the dll file will be installed in the system but you have to download Kernel32.dll in the system. I am sure that might be working and your problem will be definitely solved.
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