Quote API - issue 20th Nov 2017

The Quote API issue started once again today. I suggest that zerodha charge extra and provide guaranteed QOS. This is not an acceptable performance for an API call.
  • palani_kmp
    Yes , I am also facing the same issue..
    Dear Zerodha,
    please take a look at this issue and let provide better service to the customers..Its really annoying..
  • nikhil154
    yes , the quote issue :(
    and another issue : OMS timed out .
    I don't know if both are related . I am just an amateur coder.
  • palani_kmp
    Dear Zerodha,

    Please have a look as it urgent and serious issue, or please let share the info about this issue to all users, so that we can hold the order to place through API..
  • palani_kmp
    Any update on this from you as we could not able t get proper live data using API on python client?
  • itsram90
    Keeping impact in mind, Zerodha should at least show some sincerity. i was trading current month nifty contract and it gave me error saying this contract does not exist in the market.

    if you are helpless with such issues then you should at least not count days in subscription. you can never match loss you are causing by such incidents but at least it will show you are valuing your customers.

  • palani_kmp
    Yes Ram, you are right.
    If not able to provide the reliable data for API, should inform to customers about this issue by SMS or mail, so that clients make sure, and not to trade via API.

    Please value your customers and take appropriate action.
  • sachin2017
    I am new to coding but seems I am facing similar issue at - https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/2524/trading-symbol-doesnt-exist#latest
    Sorry for copying java client issue in python forum.
  • sujith
    This happens whenever there is an issue with the OMS vendors. Let us know if it happens today.

    You can use Kite Connect 3.0 endpoints or websockets API instead of this. You can check out new API endpoints here.
  • vvijay
    Today the issue is not present. However whenever this happens it starts Mondays and gets rectified only after a day or two.
  • sujith
    I would suggest migrating to bulk fetch APIs or use websockets.
  • vvijay
    I need OI , which is not available in bulk or websockets
  • sujith
    We will provide open interest in the next version of Webscockets. You can switch after that.
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