Infinite loop calls for kite orders

In case for any reason(say code retry in case of kite exceptions), if an algo goes into an infinite order placement flow and actually places kite orders successfully too, then the kite account can easily end up having positions with very large quantities leading to large losses and needless to say massive brokerage will also be levied with each order.

I understand that the onus lies with the algo to not make such infinite calls. But still any suggestions here? Any account level check kite connect provides to handle such unintended infinite call errors?

  • sujith
    Standard rate limits and account/margin level risk checks apply to all accounts and trades.
  • mlearner
    @sujith - Can you please explain what are standard rate limits? And what is account level risk check Kite has? I am not aware of all these.
  • rakeshr
    You can go through order rate limit FAQs here.
    what is account-level risk check Kite has?
    This article explains more on this.
  • mlearner
    mlearner edited July 2021
    "There is also a 200 order placement per minute limit by the API."

    "Apart from this, Zerodha RMS has an account level limit of 2000 MIS orders per day and 2000 BO/CO per day limit."

    Thanks @rakeshr. This is helpful.

    Glad to know that there is some check.

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