I subscribed to historical api on 7 Jan for a month - today showing expired?

Gjain75 edited January 2022 in API clients
I subscribed to historical api on 7 Jan, since last night wef 20 Jan, showing expired and the app in my account is showing 'cancelled'.. could someone clarify please why this has expired/cancelled? have written to support desk, cannot reach anyone on phone after 5 pm.

To add for clarification (basis some post I read on forum that you need to have live data subscription active for getting historical), subscription of live data expired on 20th Jan as I did not renew it. Is there a linkage between two? is it essential to subscribe to live data for getting historical? in that case what happens to the unexpired 16 days period of payment for historical? isnt 'only historical' subscription available?
  • sujith
    A historical data subscription is an add on subscription, it is only valid if you have a base subscription.
    If your app has cancelled then you need to subscribe for Kite Connect in order to user historical data API.
  • Gjain75
    @sujith Thanks for clarification. Is there a way to get only historical data and order placing without paying for live?
  • sujith
    Nope, you will need a base subscription in order to use add-on subscription (historical data).
  • rajkite
    rajkite edited January 2022
    I have live subscribtion activated last week.
    1. Where/How do i subscribe for historical data?
    2. Say, if i want to get the closing price of 1 min candle of NSE:TCS from morning 9.15 to now(11:00AM), i have to use the historical data via kite.GetHistoricalData() or do you suggest any alternative approach?
    3. Thanks Sujith
  • rakeshr
    You need to subscribe to it from the developer's console.
    Live fetching historical data for live use is not recommended. Go through historical data FAQs here.
  • rajkite
    Thanks @rakeshr

    The reason i thought of historical data was, i am looking for 1 min candle data , instead of ticker sending every sec data.

    Is there a way i get only 1 min candle data at the end of every min?
  • sujith
    The historical data API provided by the Kite Connect is for backtesting purposes only. For live market strategies we suggest you to generate candles at your end. You can get started here.
  • rajkite
    Thanks @sujith Thats helpful
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