Is the volume received at 5PM (after trading hours) accurate?

I had asked a question about the closing price being incorrect after trading hours

The next day, the volume received as part of the quote is 0 while the OHLC has the values.

So my question is,
Is the volume received at 5PM (after trading hours) accurate for the day's volume?

I am trying to save these details in my database.
Open, High, Low, Close
Upper & Lower circuits

If not 5PM, what is the best time to get the accurate values before it gets reset.
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    Yes,the volume is correct always. Also,your problem was related to actual closing price. If you need just equities data, what you can do is fetch quote after market as you normally do. For the actual close price,know that the actual closing price is the ltp(last_price). If you want correct close price for derivatives too,then the only way is to wait till next day but then there would be no volume. If you want volume too,then you have to download bhavcopy every evening.
  • sujith
    Kite Connect will only give you the volume it received in the last tick data. The settlement is allowed for institutions after market hours also.
    So the volume data post settlement is provided in the bhav copy only.
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    @sujith Sir. Here it's told that there won't be any change in volume,only oi changes. This seems logical too,as the volume shouldn't change even if trades are done by CMs . But the change in oi at EOD seems logical.

    Also,I checked today's volume for a lot of equities and derivatives ,on both Kite and in bhavcopy. And the volumes were exactly same for all instruments in both Kite and bhavcopy.

    Am I missing something??
    @Sujith Sir, @rakeshr Sir ,Any response??
  • sujith
    It depends on exchange. NSE, NFO, CDS volume will get updated at around 4:30 PM to 06:00 PM but BSE will update at around 7 AM, next day morning.

    Since trades happen (at LTP), volume will change.
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    Ok,Thanks for the input. Will check today . :)
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    I checked today too. Recorded the volumes shown in kite at 3:30 for some equities and derivatives,matched with the volumes at 5 pm,and bhavcopy. The volumes for derivatives was unchanged in all the 3 cases. Only the equities volumes were increased little bit when comparing between 3:30 pm volumes and 5 pm volumes , beacuse of the trades in post market session. But the equities volumes at 5 pm were exactly matching with the bhavcopy volumes too .

    As per my understanding,the settlement is allowed for institutions after market hours,but it doesn't mean trading ,so the volumes don't change after market hours too. So,the Kite volume is correct too at any point of time and thus volumes in Kite are as reliable as bhavcopy.
  • themohammedfaisal
    Yes, @SRIJAN, your understanding is spot on. Volume will remain largely the same except for these 2 rare cases:
    1. Brokers can do order cancellation/ annulments in rare cases that can lead to a change in volume.
    2. For some illiquid scrips, if the tick is missed, the volume won't be updated.
    @themohammedfaisal Sir,
    Thanks for the detailed clarification. Now,all my doubts are clear . :) o:)
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