Could not place orders for NMDC

Getting error when sending orders.

Your order price is higher than the current [upper circuit limit]( of 106.05. You can place an order within the range or [use GTT]( for long-standing orders.

Also the OPEN price was 256 !! when the chart clearly shows a price of 90
  • keshav_
    Can someone please answer this question. Need to know what happened.
  • rakeshr
    {'NSE:NMDC': {'instrument_token': 3924993, 'timestamp': datetime.datetime(2022,
    10, 27, 12, 47, 33), 'last_trade_time': datetime.datetime(2022, 10, 27, 12, 47, 31),
    'last_price': 107.05, '.... 'average_price': 103.96,... 'lower_circuit_limit': 83.05,
    'upper_circuit_limit': 106.05, 'ohlc': {'open': 92.25, 'high': 109.05, 'low': 92.25, 'close': 130.75}

    Are you using the correct trading symbol?
    As, we just checked the quote detail for the same instrument and it's showing the correct circuit limit of 106.05 and an open price of 92.25
  • keshav_
    But the price I got with the websocket connection was 256 during the open. Also the stock is trading above 106.05 as of now. so why couldn't I execute my orders.
  • keshav_
    Can some one please tell me why my orders were not getting through
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