New Options Data: Updated Libraries Available?

Hi @sujith i see now we are getting more details on option strikes like,CPRS, VWAP and Moving average values on charts.
Can we get all these data into APIs as well? or it der a way to get all these indicator values.

This will be helpful.
  • vishwas
    this data is getting loaded on loading a chart. There should be a way by which we can get this data as well. Please help. @sujith
  • rakeshr
    this data is getting loaded on loading a chart.
    You have to apply these studies before on the kite web chart to get it in tabular form. And these studies/indicators can have multiple input variable fields, which can't be possible in the raw OHLCVOI fields we provide through historical data.
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. We don't provide solutions to write strategies. You need to write formula and generate the data using the candle data. You may find some resources on this thread to get started.
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