1 FEB 2023 - Order request timed out. Please check the order book and confirm before placing again

Today 1 FEB 2023 out of 100+ orders this one order got this response from place_order() from kiteconnect python wrapper
"Order request timed out. Please check the order book and confirm before placing again"
Whole spread gone opposite on budget day and faced heavy loss, what is the issue, this never happened before on my AWS Cloud
  • sujith
    sujith edited February 2023
    The order that was placed at the OMS by kite trade didn't receive the order id in response and hence you get this message.
  • dknaix
    what is the solution for this issue
  • rakeshr
    what is the solution for this issue
    You can handle this exception with a re-try. Order FAQs explain more.
  • dknaix
    dknaix edited February 2023
    @sujith @rakeshr
    i assume Zerodha is India's top broker. Why does issue on Zerodha's end has to be fixed by us even after paying for the api, other brokers offer free orders api, also for every order if this orderbook check is done by client that this would cause additional delay which will cause slippages who split their qty, this solution dosen't makes sense.
    Please solve this on your end. Zerodha has the best tech team and can handle such issues easily I hope.
  • sujith
    An order placed by the user goes through various systems including ours and vendor's, over the internet and then on a wired connection before reaching the exchange. There are many hops. While we work every day to keep things smooth and normal. There may be odd scenarios wherein some system might fail and we don't get the response from some internal system. In those scenarios, Kite trade/Connect API being an execution platform, gracefully throws an exception. It is up to the user how they want to handle it.

    Kite Connect is not meant for latency based strategies or HFT. For latency based strategies, we suggest you to get the colocation setup at the exchange which would cost you upwards ₹20 lakh.
  • Kirubhakaran
    Sujith, thanks for acknowledging the issues with zerodha's tech platform. Why does this issue occur only with zerodha and not other brokers?
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