Can I use historical data downloaded from Zerodha API for commercial application?

I am planning to build a commercial backtesting website for stocks on intraday data. This website will charge money to customers for backtesting.

Can I use the one-minute data downloaded from Zerodha Historical API in this commercial website?

@sujith can you confirm?
  • Vivek
    The Kite Connect API is intended for personal use, and data distribution is prohibited. However, you can become an exchange-approved partner, like Streak or Sensibull, to distribute the data legally. I will DM you the details of concerned person to take it forward.
  • naveen278
    please DM me also at 9980763496
  • dsouzaedison11
    Hi @Vivek I have a similar requirement. Can you please guide me as well? Thanks in advance.
  • sujith
    You can write to compliance team on kiteconnect(at) and check if you are redistribute the data.
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