Historical data for 1 hour back


I want to get 1 hour back data for the open market session. I tried but it returns 0 count.
  • rakeshr
    open market session
    Do you mean pre-open market data?
    If yes, you can get this in websocket streaming. Go through the websocket streaming FAQs here.
  • ravalnsons
    Not pre open market data. I subscribed to historical data, but I think it gives only past days data, not for running day. I want to get open, high, low, close for hourly. For example trading starts at 9.15am, at 10.15am I need OHLC data for past an hour.
  • sujith
    Can you enable debug logs and paste the complete request and response logs here?
    PS: Make sure to remove app and client specific tokens.
  • ravalnsons
    I think FromDate and ToDate are the same, that's why, I am not getting data. Here, you can see the screenshots of the passed parameters. I will let you know more today after the market opens

  • rakeshr
    I think FromDate and ToDate are the same
    You will need to send hours and minutes stamps as well for the historical data of the same day, in the format YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS. Otherwise, for the date stamp alone, the default hours and minutes taken will be the start of the day, i.e., YYYY:MM:DD 00:00:00.
  • ravalnsons
    Okay, thanks, understood.
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