Inconsistent Volume Data MIDCPNIFTY

@Kailash @sujith @rakeshr

This issue was reported by one of our users.
On 09-Oct-2023, the volume data received through Websocket was inconsistent for MIDCPNIFTY options.
The volume field should be incremental on each tick (or should be at least same if there is no trade in that tick).
But at some ticks, the volume received was lower than the earlier received volume.

Date: 09-Oct-2023
Trdsym: MIDCPNIFTY23O099025CE
Period: 09:47 to 09:49
Volume at 09:47:37 is 41251200
But Volume at 09:47:54 is 40673850

Seems this happened in MIDCPNIFTY options only

Could you pls check on priority?

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