"TokenException: Invalid 'checksum'." Error - Help

Hi, I Am Also Facing Same Issue.. My API Subscription Got Expired and Renewed Same.. Now i Am Facing Same Error..

"TokenException: Invalid 'checksum'."
  • rakeshr
    This issue is resolved.You can create access_token immediate post subscription/renew.
  • Sudheer
    @rakeshr How Should I Create Access Token..
  • sujith
    You can check out documentation here.
  • Sudheer
    @sujith I Am Using Kite Xls.. in documentation i am unable to find how to do same.. i request to kindly help me on same
  • sujith
    sujith edited April 30
    Kite XL is a third party tool provided by @HowUTrade, their team would help you out.
  • HowUTrade

    The invalid checksum error indicates, wrong API key or secret or both or API expired.

    You can try the following;
    1.Go to https://developers.kite.trade/
    2.Re-Generate your API Secret
    3.Save your API subscription

    4.Open settings window in KiteXL
    5.Completely delete existing API key and Secret
    6.Copy the Api key and secret from developer console and paste in Excel settings
    7.save excel setting and try login
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