Insufficient permission for that call error


I am getting "Insufficient permission for that call" as below when I try to get historical data

{"status":"error","message":"Insufficient permission for that call.","data":null,"error_type":"PermissionException"}

when I try to execute your standard Curl script:

curl "" -H "X-Kite-Version: 3" -H "Authorization: token wlq46jbsmhcyqq3f:86tGRAYrt3lP4ldffDfusryAUV7wfpsg"

Please help, I am subscribed to the Historical API.

  • sujith
    You need to re-generate access token to use historical data after subscribing for the same.
  • rakeshr
    Can you recreate access token post subscription and then check the same?
  • arun_hivebox
    Hi team,
    I am also getting same error we already subscribed for api.
  • rvijaii019
    Hello Team,

    Same error(PermissionException) throws for me. Using nodejs it throws this error
    @sujith regenerated access token also not works.
  • sujith
    You need a valid Kite Connect subscription to make the API requests.
    You can check out FAQs here.
  • balajee
    Hi Sujith, we are also facing same issue.
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